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Fall Of The Living

Fall Of The Living: Can you be the last man alive?


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Theme:humans vs zombies


Content Rating:Everyone

Launch Date:2016

No download required, free to play

About this game

Fall of the living is a new MMOPRG with may things to do. The world has ended and was taken over by zombies, you will need to find food and shelter and make the other things you need. Cash prizes coming soon.


mmorpg zombie fighting dead morpg twd end of days humans vs zombies

User Reviews

New game. looking great so far. Active admin. Players are helpful. Player verses player/ gang action. Monthly contests. Daily searches, missions and battle ladder. Fishing, farming, and scavenging for crafting items... Many things to do. 10+
Perfect 10!!! Great new text based game. You can train, attack other players, do quests, travel to new areas, create usable weapons and items, join up with gang, visit the bar and much more. Staff are on often and easy to talk to. Players are friendly and helpful but also competitive. Easily the best new game out there
10 out of 10, game is still new, but admin is active and its nice to be able to get in early and grow before it fills up with players.