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Theme:arrow shooting game

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Launch Date:2020

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About this game

The Little Guardian, a home-based swadeshi bow and arrow shooting game, is designed for the best gaming experience. You can easily sign up for the game within a few seconds, and once you start playing the games, you are exposed to some intriguing archery.

You have to kill the enemy which will walk from the left of the screen through the ridge. You will be in a lift like structure which works in up & down direction, while you are aiming at the enemy. With each aim taken to kill the enemy, you get closer to your goal, which is to save a life: ‘Your son in the game’.

For every kill you earn coins and with those coins, you can attain different types of arrows: Wooden arrow, Iron Arrow, Silver Arrow, and Gold Arrow. With every empty balloon you burst, you earn one coin, and when you kill enemies with balloons, you earn two coins.

In case you miss a shot or two and enemies come down off of the bridge and climb the ladder, you can drop a huge rock, round in shape, to stop them from climbing the ladder.

Now, you have to keep in mind that not more than three enemies climb on the ladder. If they do so, they will climb up and cut the rope which results in our hero bring (the player) being dead. So, continuously you have to shoot arrows to ensure that none of the enemies makes it to the ladder.

The ease with which you can operate the game makes it the best children’s archery based shooting game. There is no such long list of control manuals that you have to master to become a pro. So, after a couple of games, you intuitively develop the muscle memory for controls.

Features of the game that make it a lot more exciting and fun game to play

● Frost Arrow power
● Stone Arrow power
● Fire Arrow power
● Multishot and Piercing arrows

Also, as the levels increase, and you have a healthy reserve of coins, you can get an attack speed upgrade, arrow upgrade, and lift upgrade. This game has a total of 350 levels with each level being challenging then above.

As you cross each level you will have a better idea regarding the kind of arrow you have to shoot to kill enemies at each stage. So, with each level, you cross and you get something new to explore, and the best part about it is that the excitement never fades away.

Signup in ‘The Little Guardian’ to enjoy the thrills of killing enemies, but for change this time you do it with arrows. A refreshing change, to say the least.


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