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Launch Date:2022

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About this game

Mercenaries of War is a hardcore criminal survival game with PvP (Player vs Player), Crew Wars and Permanent Death. Keep yourself protected by buying weapons and stocking up on bullets. If you die, your character is permanently dead and you will have to start over fresh. You can also set a backfire which will fire a certain amount of bullets back in defense in a chance to kill your attacker. Attract too much heat and it's off to the slammer.

Very active development. Join a growing community and engage in crew wars, 4-player robberies and show who's boss. Wipe out your rival crews!

Mercenaries of War is now available on your web or mobile browser!


Money is Power, but so are Bullets.


mmo mafia gangster crime kill death crews


User Reviews

Great MMO game, lots of things to do like solo and coop activities. This is a good game for sitting down and relaxing. It’s not stressful nor a headache, the development team is awesome at accepting feedback and working with the community which creates a better gaming community for everyone to enjoy. This game is definitely one of a kind with the whole perma death situation and one thing I can say forsure is how I haven’t come across any bugs yet but be sure to check up on the Guide page for help with game navigation as without that you’d be lost. I’ve played on both Android and the Web Browser platforms and by far love the mobile app more in my opinion.
I have over 800 Steam games, all the consoles, and I didn't think I would be more addicted to a browser game than this. Mercenaries of War is a great game to tie yourself up in while focusing on it, or just as a side gig! I have had Mercenaries of War on my second monitor every day, all day while I'm at my computer. And the access from a phone or tablet is just as good! Do missions, steal cars, conquer the stock exchange, gamble and put it all on 21, be a business owner. Mug players, start your own syndicate, break your friends out of jail. The options are constant with one after another letting you play how you want to play. Take my opinion and play!
Me and browser games? LOL, that must be a joke, BUT, Mercenaries of War is something else. The idea is amazing and the features that are in right now are thought out and executed quite well. It has active development with more features to come. With the current features it is very well playable. The developer puts hard work into this project of his and is open for feedback to improve this criminal mastermind of a game. The opportunities to grow your criminal career are pretty endless and transverse. I recommend this game to anybody who reads this, it is deffo worth a try! Go smuggle them drugs!
This game is super fun to play with friends and a fun way to meet other players. It recently released publicly but the developer is very active, friendly and very involved in the small community the game has so far and he considers all feedback given to him. It runs great on mobile too! It's a unique take on the usual mafia games with perma-death with some unique features like Blood Brother rituals. Although the game is still new, it has amazing potential and I can't wait to continue to watch it grow into something awesome! I highly recommend this game! I haven't had this much fun playing a web browser game in years.
Never thought i would play and enjoy a browser style game untill i played Mercenaries of War. Many things to do and many things added often, developer cares deeply for each and every player, and is open to ideas to make Mercenaries of War into an even better game! Get in the game and see if you have what it takes to be a Mercenary of War!
"Remember, money is power, but so are bullets." I have been fortunate enough to be playing this game since closed beta. Watching it grow from where it started to now has been amazing. The developer is passionate and dedicated. He listens to feedback and makes changes accordingly to make his game better and better. It's honestly the best web game I have played in a long time and I am looking forward to what it has in store for the future. I would recommend playing this gem. You will not regret it.

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