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Content Rating:Everyone

Launch Date:2013

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About this game

Become the Ultimate Manager

WES is made up of various game worlds, which typically contain 900 teams spread across 10 regions and 5 divisions. Take control of a team from across Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, or The Americas and start scouting your next opponent as you play off against other managers from across the globe. WES includes standard league matches, friendly games, regional cups and its very own champion’s league styled showpiece. When the season is over there is no rest – contracts expire, players demand more money, and veterans may retire without notice.
Customise your game

WES includes over 20 styles of play from all over the world to choose from, and enough pace, flow, overlap, pressure, aggression and offside flexibility to keep even the best managers up all night preparing for game day. Popular line-ups like the 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 are just the beginning – you’ll want to break down in detail the responsibilities of your players for every match with over 30 detailed game positioning options.
Detailed Match Reports

Detailed match reports don’t just tell you who won; they provide you with minute-by-minute detail taking you through all the action as it unfolded. Analyse your players performances and use past match reports to decide on the most effective tactics to out fox your next opponent.
Player Skills & Unique Scouting System

Players are rated in over 30 areas reflecting the realistic traits and often subtle differences among players - forcing mangers to work to find the best strategies to fit their personnel. Unique to WES is the idea of all player skills being defined by fictional ‘scouts’. These scouts don’t always get it right, so managers have to use the information within the game to assess the true worth of any given player.
Player Development

With roughly 3 ‘game years’ played out every calendar year managers can watch stars rise and fall as time passes - while delicately trying to handle salaries and multi-season contracts along the way.
Negotiate Player Trades

One of the most unique features of WES is the player trading and scouting system, which requires managers to focus on effective squad management and analysis of player performances to ascertain their true value. You can’t simply buy your way to the top in World Elite Soccer – there is no currency.
Join the Community

Join our legion of passionate soccer fans. We have some managers who have played the game for over a decade and are always willing to share their knowledge with new managers.
It’s Free

Whilst we do ultimately intend to introduce a membership package (you know, to keep the lights turned on) all of the features required to play and generally compete on a level playing field are completely free. It’s our intention that this remains the case in the



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