The Eternal City

The Eternal City: The Eternal City is a game of socialization and roleplaying


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Category:Role Playing (RPG)

Content Rating:Unknown

Launch Date:2001

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About this game

The Eternal City is a long-running multiplayer prose game, developed and administered by Worlds Apart Productions. It is being published online by Skotos Tech under license.

Because The Eternal City is built on a custom game system created by Worlds Apart Productions, rather than the Skotos StoryBuilder Server, players will find their Eternal City experience somewhat different from that of other Skotos games. Commands aren't quite the same and game systems work in unique ways. Nonetheless, as a flagship Skotos game, The Eternal City offers comparable gameplay to products developed using the the StoryBuilder Server – it emphasizes roleplaying, socialization, and a detailed and vibrant background, all hallmarks of the Skotos community.



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