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Theme:virtual pets


Content Rating:Everyone

Launch Date:2004

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About this game

Your great adventure awaits!
In an age of adventure and exploration, only your guidance will keep the Grophs safe from danger and disaster.
Raise Grophs, defeat monsters, complete quests, explore new lands, find new items, and much more.



User Reviews

I have been playing grophland on and off for a little over 9 years, I absolutley love this game! There is so much to do, battle grophs, breed grophs, dress grophs, collect items, start auctions, sell things in your shop, join a guild, start a garden, do quests, play games, learn recipes (Chemestry,clothing, conservatory, cooking, scribe, etc). I could go on for days on the possible things you can do, but i'll stop there. Honestly, this is the only virtual pet site game I really even play anymore and i'm still active on, that's how great it is.

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