Crime-Club: CrimeClub is back, can you be the best gangster?


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Launch Date:2017

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About this game

CrimeClub, a mafia game for young and old, play with dozens of other players and battle together in the infamous world of CrimeClub. Robberies in California, steal cars in Texas, pimp whores in Nevada, and crimes in Pennsylvania. CrimeClub was a well known game and had many players, unfortunately this game was lost with time. We at CrimeClub are trying to build a future here and hope to offer the old players of CrimeClub but also new ones a nice game! The members also play a major role in this, do you disagree with something, do you like to see something change or do you have a new idea for CrimeClub? Then put it on the forum! Currently is the market leader of all CrimeClub games. It is also one of the largest free online mafia games in the Netherlands. With more than 100 players online at a time, you face a lot of competition. So the question is? Do you dare to dominate this free online game?



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