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Trophy Fishing Online

Trophy Fishing Online: Hundreds of fish, real lures - the grown up fishing simulation.


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Theme:fishing rpg strategy

Category:sports fishing

Content Rating:Everyone

Launch Date:2016

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About this game

Fish Today - Play for free and compete against other players in Flyfishing, Sea Fishing and River Fishing. Trophy Fishing Online 2 is a free online browser game with daily goals, hundreds of species of fish and real lures from around the world. Experience nearly 10 years of development time and hundreds of players from around the world have already enjoyed with Trophy Fishing Online 2. Catch a wide variety of species including carp, marlin, bass, pike, muskellunge and rainbow trout. Develop your skills in an environment that rivals that of most RPGs. Real world weather conditions down to the hour - if its raining in the real world at the location, it will be raining in the game! Fish in the cold of winter or the warming summer. Now available in in 60+ Languages.


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