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Theme:thug mmorpg

Category:text based wed games

Content Rating:2

Launch Date:2021

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About this game

Weclome to Thug Warfareâ„¢

A Text Based Web Game, based on reality of the todays world! Join a gang, come together and build a workshop to upgrade your weapons. 100's of easily tasked missions! Hourly things to do to keep you a ahead of the game as well as dailies to give you that extra push. Search Downtown for a chance at "Epic" items. Click crimes, and pass your opponents! Upgrade your skills to better your account in the aspect you choose. Disassemble your items for Weapon parts and Scrap to in return upgrade your weapons of choice. Rewards hourly/daily for best performance in that category. Bloodbaths to compete with other for various prizes.

Can you handle the pressure?


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User Reviews

Wonderful Game. Honest staff, constantly updating the game. So much competition.

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