StarRepublik: Your country needs you to dominate the Galaxy!


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Launch Date:2015

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About this game

Starrepublik is an open world where every citizen can start political, economical or military career and become a ceo of giant corporation, military ace, great politician or prosperous journalist. Country with the best cooperation will be dominate!



User Reviews

Hello! I would like to review this game for you! This game is pretty owesome! For now there isn't a lot of players, so I decided to review this game for everyone who likes, online, with no-much clicking games, you can play this game with only 2 clicks per day(as a worker if you want only to help someone), or with more clicks, if you want to have your own buisness(recommended is economic specialization) or in military specialization(if you want to gain more skill when fighting). In corporations you can make: weapons, food, tickets, houses. or raw material for making those things.(example: from food raw you make food) And offcourse there is a galaxy map that shows what belongs to witch country. Rebels, fights, etc... This review is more of an insight of the game so here I'll add some links where you can register and learn more about the game. The ultimate thing that I love about this game is that there you don't have to pay anything, but offcourse Admin accepts donations for his hard work. Or you can write to admin too, if there happened any Bug or inconvenience that needs to be fixed. REFFERAL LINK: (with refferal link we both become friends right away, so if you need any help pm me) HOW TO GET STARTED NEWS LINK: (in this link there are much more info. about the game, if you registered please vote and sub.) OUR POLITICAL PARTY KROGAN you can join here: AND OUR FIRST MU(Military Unit) KROGAN WARRIORS:

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