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Launch Date:2012

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About this game

Soccer Manager is a free football manager game online, articulated in national leagues of 16 teams, a national cup and the top finishers of the championships can play in the Champions League or the Europa League. The league games are played on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The friendly (fundamental for the condition of panchinari) can be fixed on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Tuesday is the day of the Champions League, Europe League on Thursday, on the Saturday of the cups for the National (a season UEFA and the Copa America, the next World Cup), while Sunday is the day of the National Cup. is very articulated for this really real, with many skills to be monitored, but the dynamics of the game in a short time become extremely familiar, being able to manage both the first team to the youth teams where to grow their talents. Must be taken immediately assistant coaches to boost the training and enlarge the stadium as in almost all managerial. The game is real, so early in the season the players lose strength and condition, the good manager must exploit the matches and friendlies to make them better. The transfer market is very well done. You can buy the players auctioned (you can take good players at low prices), you can directly contact the coach of the other teams offering various formulas of purchase (sale, loan, loan with purchase) or you can do business in three season with inactive (teams of bots). You can also take players from other teams offering the out clause if present in the player`s contract. As you can see is a real game 100% You can change the team after a few months trying new challenges abroad. As regards the management of the team it is easy but also very complex. There is a good group of managers that help to understand the game, even if beauty is figure it out yourself, knowing your players and making them better. There is a ranking of the manager, you need to take the management of the national teams, from which one is fired if they do not reach the goal imposed. To facilitate the balance between old and young managers, each win a championship a cup of any series causes the increase of unconditional contracts with players of 10%, this allows to always have a greater difficulty for top managers in the economic management of their team. In general it is a very fun game but not immediately, if you have the perseverance to play for a month, do not leave it more !!!



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It's a good game, it has all the type of bid, you can choise or your personal team or a big european team.

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