Rogue Vampires

Rogue Vampires: Play a vampire set in a fantasy world


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About this game

Rogue Vampires is a game where you play a vampire set in a fantasy world. Be a merciless hitman, compete for #1 in the hall of fame, learn the market to earn money. Start a deadly Vampire House and spread fear all around you or simply just train so that you one day can be the most powerful Vampire out there. The list of things you can do is endless, so register today and start playing.


User Reviews

Used to play this game years back when it was booming at the time where tryowars and rise of terror were about too. It's sort of just died out now and nothing new has been added ever since in terms of features.
This is a strategy game for mature players who enjoy fighting monsters and undead armies. There is treasure to be found. There are puzzles to solve. There are missions and quests to complete. This game also has an interesting training regime for players to hone their skills like the pros. Join a group and play as a team. This is a great game!

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