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Theme:pirate map based

Category:strategy mmo rpg fantasy war browser pirate

Content Rating:Everyone

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About this game

In Pirates you have several different types of characters in your crew... Pirates, Farmers, Hunters, Fishermen and more. As you can see on this screen in the top left hand corner you have a compass with different directions on it (North, South, East, And West). These will allow you to move around on the map. The Game is set up like a checkerboard. Each space on the map having something different in it. There could be Just Sea. Which basically means that there is nothing on that space. There could be a Gold mine for your Pirates to find Gold. Which happens automatically and the game will tell you how much Gold they found. There can also be Forest's or Schools of Fish or more. This is where your Crew can collect more Food or Building materials, and like the Gold mines it will tell you exactly how much you found, You can increase the amount of materials you find in mine's and Forest's buy buying more men from Small Villages on the map. There is Hurricane's that reduce your moves and Box's that contain many different items for you.


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