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About this game

Immortal Day is an online vampire based game that does not require an installation or download. Instead, it is 100 percent browser/text based. Of course, this doesn’t change the fact that this is one of the most action packed vampire games on the market today.



User Reviews

Immortal Day is a fun game for mature players who enjoy fighting monsters, joining teams, and finding treasure!
Ian :p
Zlytas (aka the Simi)
Immortal Day, love the game and most of the staff. ****SPOILER Highly Addictive**** easy to use, easy to play and fairly easy to learn particularly if you can find a more experienced player to take you under their wing which isn't hard to do. You chose your species, you train, you can become a member of a house or not. Is everything spelled out, not always but usually what you can't find spelled out if you use common sense you can usually figure it out. There are rules to be followed, but multiple chances are given, only repeat offenders get permanently banned; in regards to another review the only time the admins are reading the mail is when another player reports it and turns over the offensive material - there is an in-game fail safe so if you send the exact same message several times to different people you'll get on mail ban. If something is questionable you can ask the admins or the mods. The game is free to use, it can be played from any device. There is a donator option but the prices are very cheap compared to most games i've played, but you do not have to donate to the game to win or be successful. I find coming on this game to help when i am stressed or upset why because you can attack, pummel, mug or leave, the person - how often in life are you encouraged to beat people up and not get in trouble for it? Plus they come up with fun things to do and ways to celebrate the holidays - Mardi Gra - flash people and get beads; St Patrick's Day chase the Rainbow - at the end a pot of gold; First Anniversary - by multi species war popping bottles of Champagne and having corks hit people and getting points for it. Also you can test your luck with special raffles, Battle Royale, RR Tournies and more.
Immortal Day is a great game to play. It's pretty easy to keep up with, the admins are always coming up with cool stuff like chase the rainbow which they did for St. Patrick's, and the players are usually nice.
ID has its flaws in some aspects, But it is still a new game and I love watching everyday on how it improves. I have read most of the reviews here and Sorry for those with the bad ones but I must give out a slight laugh. You complain for the factor you where caught breaking the rules, So being removed was your own fault. Our rules are there to keep the game friend and inviting to all, Not just select players and people. Violet and Nikita are both very pleasant people to talk to and associate with. Then there is the Mods, The others are all great people willing to jump in and help you out where you need it they also do giving you a warning if your border lining the rules to help you understand whats going on. But the game is far more enjoyable to me for the factor of meeting new people and getting to know them. Its a safe way to make friends without ever having to personally meet them.
Love the game and the staff is very kind and helpful when needed.. I've been playing the game since it's started and has never had any problems.
I love this game so much! The one problem I have is being mail banned. Not only do they NOT GIVE A WARNING, but they also ban you from mailing admins or commenting on their page. I've also spoken to a few friends who claimed to have been banned for seven days, but were able to mail again in just a few hours. I'm currently banned from using mail because of "spamming"..which I do not recall doing at all, and I'd like to see what they considered "spam." Other than that, EXCELLENT game.
This is an official response to LogicalOverMagical's post, on behalf of Immortal Day. His post is full of half truths and missing information. Immortal Day made every attempt to keep this individual as a player, but in the end he left us no options. He repeatedly used hateful slurs and comments directed towards peoples religions, genders, sexuality, and individuals with special needs. I will not repeat his content here, as it is greatly inappropriate and not words we would ever choose to use. The individual was first given a warning after he used a religious based slur towards another of our players. He was given a brief timeout. During this time, he violated our TOS a second time by creating a second account. Despite that, we let him off with a warning and allowed him to return to the game. He assured us that he would not be an issue in the future and stated "I guess being all cramped up in a hot room will boil my blood, so I'm going to start taking breaks from the internet. You won't be disappointed." During this process, the user requested a refund for his donations to our game. We made no effort to deny this refund and allowed Paypal to issue it back to him. Just a few days later, this player was up to his old ways, using gender, sexuality, and special-needs slurs to other players. Knowing very well he would work to trash our reputation online (he had made threats as such), we knew we had no choice but to remove him from our vampire game featuring Lycans, Hybrids, Hunters, and the like. We have to put the game community as a priority and unfortunately some individuals try to cause only grief to the staff and the players. Any questions regarding LogicalOverMagical can be addressed to Nikita via our in-game mail system.
** SPOILER::: YOU WILL GET BANNED WITHOUT WARNING, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ::: SPOILER ** I have reviewed this before, administrators begging me, and giving me an ultimatum to stay on the game if I didn't delete my reviews. Go figure, but to my dismay, upon going with their request they still have a habit of reading through my mail and banning me for the smallest things. I'll be honest in this review, because I have been through so much stress playing such a simple game. I like the game, don't get me wrong, but having to fear for my account with every mail and comment I send??? Does that sound like a game you'd like to play? I had said called a friend a Jew playfully on there, by the next night I was banned, permanently. The owner likes to play mind games before unbanning people, if you don't reply to your ban, you'll never get unbanned. They nitpick at the littlest detail of their rules just to ban people, it's like they get off banning people who love their game. I crave a game that is not World of Warcraft, or League of Legends. I've played it all, and I just want to go to some classic web page browsing action. This of course, is not a game that a LOT of people play, but the constant bans are RIDICULOUS. They have mail-ban implemented, but they don't use it at all. A real business would just ban you from mail (Where I initially got in trouble), because I mailed a guy for glitching the game and pretty much taking all the profit from the item I sold within 1 minute of selling it. Lets talk about the game. Robbing Lair at level 10; Player can "Mug your lair" (you), spamming the page as you try to bank it, sending you to an error page constantly, eventually bringing you down to zero. Treasure Hunt: The game is about surfing page to page, but in order to make successful attempts you literally have to list every link in a notepad pretty much. The creator didn't consider running into Captcha's and getting immediate loss of your hard earned cash because of something you did not know. Yet again, another thing for a new player to figure out, or report it to the creator (As I did) and get a ridiculous response. Quoted directly from the creator herself; Nikita: "This game involves using your head. It is not a book, it is a game you play and in which you have to develop skills in doing so. ***The game is not played for you.*** We are not here to hold your hand on every single detail." This is the response I get for trying to report a bug in her game. Her response to me posting a review, which I was honest about, but did anyways from the goodness of my heart. Nikita: "You have one hour and if the reviews are not removed, I will take action. ***We are under no obligation to serve you as a player of this game.***" The above statement was of course posted after I generously DONATED to the game, but to my dismay, she went into the smallest detail, once again, banning me. So here I am, leaving it the sands of time for players to not have to go through these excruciating levels of stress when you're just playing to have fun. I highly doubt anyone goes into a game, (This one to say at the least) just to cause drama and chaos. I got over this quickly, even after getting banned for two weeks for saying "Jew" playfully to a friend on the game, getting rude, snide comments, I still continued to play the game. It wasn't long before the second in command favored over another player in a "Forum Event". Yeah, an event in forums where you post an answer to a trivia. Of course, the moment I make a slight mistake in my answer (I just left out a word, which would be pointless to repeat, so I just gave the name of the school), leaving out University at the end of the answer, which was correct by the way. I mailed her, and got over it, only to see her let favoritism kick in again and let someone who made a grammar error as well, take the cake. They preach about being fair and equal in this game, but it's far, far from that. I'm here writing a page long essay on how I was treated unfairly. I then go into mail, and talk with Nikita, even though I know how much of a rude individual she was, I still thought it'd be nice to say hi and ask how she was doing. It wasn't long before she mail banned me for one day for cracking a joke to make her smile. After her comment about "Not running a My little pony website", I figured she could take a joke. Nope, ban, ban, ban. Ban, ban, ban, ban, ban. Guys, I'm sorry for the long rant, and if it seems like I'm complaining, I am. I am also looking out for the best interest of people like me that just want to help out, and make a better game. These individuals are obviously not having it, little do they care for improvement, or your well being. Is that the type of game you want to play? To constantly fear of getting banned for the littlest things you wouldn't even imagine getting banned for? It's a game, a browser game at that. I find this constant banning really unprofessional to say at the least. How many players are banned before there is nobody else but the administrators themselves? How long before the radar picks you up, and they go through your messages, hell, I wonder now if they go through my facebook messages considering I log in with it. I brought this attention to PayPal, which does NOT refund online goods. From PayPal: "We have concluded our investigation into your case and have decided in your favor. We were able to recover $--.-- USD and this amount has been credited to you. Please allow five business days for this adjustment to be posted. If you are due any additional funds, we will make our best effort to recover the balance from the seller." It seems they have had issues already with previous customers. But now I'll let you decide, if you even consider playing the "Game". Have fun getting constantly banned, exposed to favoritism, specially if you're a male. Happy gaming guys, hope you find that RIGHT game;) Pros: 20 minutes worth of dailies. Simple, fast gaming experience, considering it's on the web. Cons: No value for their customers. Rude, and snide replies from administrators as if you murdered someone when trying to get out of a ban. Glitches, considered part of the game as the owner doesn't like taking responsibility for making a mistake in her own game. So many typos, that they care little to correct them. I find typos to be significantly unprofessional for a business, it makes you look uneducated! Stress factors to a maximum, with no breathing space mentally, and physically(in the game of course). As for the posters below, as you can see, are formatted to post to the creators liking, including the negatives because they pretty much beg players to write good reviews so unknowing, generous Samaritans can donate their hard earned money just to get crapped on. For a "War" game, this is mediocre. Enjoy being pissed off all the time.
I have played both Immortal Day and Immortal Night both games similar but different on so many levels. Donating on is really not hugely differing amount on either. Donators may get perks but if you want something you just need to work for it. Immortal day offers several species types and with those comes different perks. The game offers so many different ways to play, wether you want to rp, war in houses, or be the best, it's you who chooses. The game provides many ways to interact and meet people. The staff have always been helpful and polite, like any game there are rules. I love this game and the work that's gone into it.
I have played Immortal Day and I find that I am hooked on it. The staff have always been kind and courteous should I have any questions or concerns. They have rules that safeguard us from unsavory situations which might occur. You can get whatever you want from the game. It jus depends how much effort you wish to put into advancing. If you have a competitive nature, there is no limit to what you can do to climb the Hall of Fame ladder. If you like the interaction with others, you can make friends from all over the world.
My issues with the owner and administrators of Immortal Day have been resolved to my satisfaction.

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