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Launch Date:2021

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About this game

Football-o-Rama is online soccer manager established in 2002. The game is completely browser-based, which means that there is no need to install anything on your computer. Football-o-Rama is free to play, there are some options available for paying users, but they have no direct influence on the game itself.

Five reasons why you should join Football-o-Rama
* game is free to play
* you can play on any device with web browser
* you don't need to install anything on your device
* you will never play in division lower than 3rd
* you can start your team in any place in the world

What else we have to offer?
* local and global competitions with simple structures
* you can choose the way you build your team
* many transfer options (auctions, transfer offers, loans, free agents, scouting)
* flexible training and player parameters system
* plenty of sport and non-sport related activities

Transfers in Football-o-Rama
Just like in early versions of Football-o-Rama transfers are mostly done via direct negotiations between managers, which gives our game that special atmosphere. You don't just place bets on auctions, you need to find good players and convince other manager to sell them to you.
* direct transfer deals
* loan deals
* player exchanges
* free agents
* amateur players
* scouting talents abroad
* auctions

Football-o-Rama is unlike other football managers
There are basic concepts that make Football-o-Rama stand out among other titles of the genre, f.e.
* it takes time for players to adapt to your team
* it take time to get to know your players personality
* each transfer deal affects your players
* you can prepare long-term strategy for your club that could give you advantage over your competitors
* you can improve your character in RPG-like manner



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some good ideas, but is still in development

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