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Launch Date:2021

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About this game

CritticWars is a free browser based game where you compete against other players.
Visit the gym to build your strength or fight other players in the colosseum.
Explore underground dungeons in the temple and complete quests or build a military base and conquer other players bases!
Take on a job to earn money or visit the mall to buy weapons and upgrades.
You can even join your own gang!
There's loads more to do so join CritticWars today!



User Reviews

Excellent game, this is by far the best text based game that I have ever played. There are lots to do in the game and it’s very easy to follow. The owners are active daily. Lots of updates have been introduced to the game with new content being introduced regularly. The owners are continuing to update the game for the player base and openly listen to the community. I highly recommend signing up to this game for sure.
Love this game! By far the best text based game I've played. Owners are super active, they keep updating and releasing more content to the game. Not to mention they do listen and always open for suggestion and implementing them. Highly recommend!

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