Zed Wars

Zed Wars: Defeat the un-dead, and be a Master Zed.


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Category:rpg mmo adventure zombies

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Launch Date:2015

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About this game

Z-Day is here! Can you handle the zombie hordes? Defeat the undead, and be a master zed. Zedwars is the best free text based zombie rpg game! Zedwars was created by gamers for gamers. The development team has been open to players ideas and suggestions since Beta testing. Some of the best suggestions made by players have already been implemented in game. The development team has been diligently working on updates. Much has changed since the Beta days. Those Zeds that have an adventurous spirit can even go on a quest. There are new places, new items, new foods, new npcs, new level-able weapons, and more. Zeds are Z day survivors. These brave souls have managed to stay alive during the Zombie Apocalypse. On Zedwars island you can battle other Zeds or defeat zombies. Zeds are not just fighters. Some need to scrounge and scavenge to survive. Scavengers search the suburbs for cash, diet jolts, and other rare prizes. Those with a need for speed can also go boat racing. Top racers bring in massive amount of tokens. You can also go diving for rare items, treasures, cash, and foods. Visit Zedwars.com today!


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