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Unholy RPG

Unholy RPG: A free to play text based RPG set in a evil fantasy world.


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Content Rating:Everyone

Launch Date:2014

Free to play

About this game

Unholy RPG is a game where you play a human warrior set in an evil and unholy fantasy world. Train your stats, search for valuable weapons and items, maybe create your own items at the workshop, compete for #1 in the hall of fame in a variety of options, learn the market to earn money, even create your own guild. That way you and your friends can wreak havoc upon this evil world. Become a part of the growing community. Register today for free!


rpg fantasy free war online social unholy urpg addictive demons evil


User Reviews

This is the best txtrpg I've played. Still new and developing with great staff. The community is deticated and fun. The games full of great people and good times. But best of all, they really take in your suggestions and do their best to implement them into the game with a forum where everyone can talk about new additions before they are implemented.