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Theme:sci-fi space


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Launch Date:2022

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About this game

SpaceAlpha is a persistent - ever-expanding universe full of star systems. In SpaceAlpha you are able to engage in war, research new technologies, colonize new planets, create alliances and manage investments etc. SpaceAlpha is web3 integrated and allows in-game purchases via Dogecoin (soon to support additional networks!)

SpaceAlpha is governed by the players. As a new player you are safe from PvP until you decide to enable it (there is no deadline, you can remain in non-PvP forever if you want!)

Capture slaves to grow your resource income, send assassins to decimate your enemy's defenses, train scientists, engineers, doctors, and so many more units!

Enjoy a mix of idle and active gameplay, strategy, missions, and a very vibrant, ever-expanding community. Build your empire and climb the leaderboard, all while researching new technologies (and owning the rights to them!)

Soon to be added: ....a strange and powerful entity is moving into the universe... come join us and prepare for it!

Join us today - and together we will rule the galaxies!



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