Space Trooper

Space Trooper: Strategy and rôleplay, embody a mobile infantry trooper


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Content Rating:Mature

Launch Date:2017

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About this game

Halfway between wargaming and roleplaying, Space Trooper invites you to join the decisive fight that humanity delivers to the confines of space against relentless arachnids.

The player embodies a Mobile Infantry Trooper and is forced to choose between the all-powerful Federation or the Dovinian rebels who proclaimed independence.

Action points are progressively restored over the hours, allow Troopers to move on the planet, to fight or recover various resources. A mission system allows you to make role-play choices that can have serious consequences.

The planets are alive. In addition to the arachnid herds breaking on the last human strongholds, the crops have growth cycles and the forests destroyed during the fighting will become charred areas that will grow back gradually after several weeks. Players also impact the planet by mining areas, fortifying positions, or building electrified fences to block hordes of arachnids.

The players remain at the center of the project and the community is regularly consulted in order to make the game live and improve. Many interactions are possible (harvest, craft, trade). Group play is strongly recommended and the regiments were created to allow players to coordinate their efforts.


strategy aliens sci-fi wargame soldier rôleplay starship trooper science-fiction hex arachnids


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