SKlone: A battle for universal domination


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Theme:tactical space battles


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Launch Date:2019

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About this game

SKlone is a space strategy game where you build a kingdom to assert your control over the universe. You are placed into a sector with a group of players that elect a leader. Politics plays an important role as war can lead to the death of your kingdom. There are many different planets and races with their own unique bonuses. It is a free game with no ads, popups, or pay to win.

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User Reviews

SKlone is a free space based RPG strategy game. You build an army, meet others, and attempt to dominate the universe. The game allows you to make alliances and fight with or against others. This is an old school game that has been brought back to life, updated, and seeded with a veteran community. If you are looking for a game that has a simple learning curve but politics and backstabbing can derail your plans, this is it.

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