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Metro Wars

Metro Wars: Will you run and hide, take a stand, or just dispense beat down


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Theme:mafia style real time mmorpg


Content Rating:Mature

Launch Date:2018

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About this game

After a disastrous war only one massive city remained, Metro City.
Ruled by terrorist cells your only way to survive is join up or build
your own stronger cell. Muggings and beat downs are a daily reminder that
no one is safe, the rotting bodies beside the street of those who came
before you are a sign you don't stand a chance. Will you run and hide, take
a stand, or just dispense beat downs in a disorderly fashion?


mmorpg rpg violent guns armor mafia style real time mmorpg

User Reviews

Great game and potential, just needs more players. it is new so it is a great time to jump onboard