Libre Command

Libre Command: Explore mine trade fight or select your own path in this san


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About this game

Explore, mine, trade, fight, or select your own path in this sandbox, turn based space MMORPG.


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User Reviews

This is a hidden gem of a sci-fi browser based game. The freedom players have in this game is excellent. You can choose from the traditional roles (E.g. Trader, Miner, Combat Pilot, Planetary Leader, etc.), taking part in a fully realised crafting cycle and economy. But there is also freedom to roleplay, and it's here where the real creativity can be found. The graphics seem simple, which keeps clutter and distraction to a minimum. Players are presented with the information necessary to make informed gameplay decisions, while not being confused by arbitrary stuff on the screen. The game is continually being improved. And the developer is engaged with the community. And speaking of the community, its players are typically quite helpful and supportive of new players. So if you're looking for a sci-fi browser game that balances simplicity and depth, a game that is always getting better, and has some friendly players willing to lend a hand, then this game is a good choice.
Libre Command
Great space based game with lots of room for growth. The developer/creator is always open for input and is involved with with players.

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