Land of Nevard

Land of Nevard: A free online RPG web game, with a medievil setting


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Content Rating:Everyone

Launch Date:2004

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About this game

Click....Wait, Click....Wait, ever played those games that just seem to take forever to make progress on? Well luckily, here in the Land of Nevard, that is not the scenario! If you want to play all day with no restrictions, go ahead we won't stop you! If you want to play so badly but don't have the time to click, don't panic either because we have an Auto-Fighter for those occasional inconveniences! Once you make your account here with us, it's just a matter of time before you head on into the Wilderness and battle away to be the ultimate Warrior or Wizard... Do you have what it takes to compete against other players from around the world to be #1? Only one way to find out!

A wide variety of features are available such as PvP, Building your very own village if you are lucky enough to find the sacred Foundational Stone. However the core section of the game revolves around Player Vs Monster battles, with over 800 monsters lurking in the shadows of the 80 different areas with each tougher than the next!

Don't be scared to come on down and have a chat with some of the players using our built in live chat! Here you can make friends or enemies that's up to you! We are positive there will be more friendships as the community in the Land of Nevard is second to none!

After reading this, what are you waiting for? ;) See you there!


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