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Inked-Mafia: Old School Mafia with a New Twist! Got what it takes?


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Content Rating:Adults-only

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About this game

We rose from the ashes, to create an old school mafia game with a new twist. Come commit your crimes, perform Missions and Special Ops to earn cash and points. Compete in Warzone for status and stash! Come rise up in our ranks, if you dare!


mmorpg mafia text-based web-based


User Reviews

BUMPY ID 3705 I enjoy this game, I love the competition.There is always something to do. Always a way to win and build. Missions Special Op's and Hourlies as well as Daily changes to win big. Oh and a weekly Warzone! Damn you can play for free and still be one of best
Fun game with lots of easy ways to earn points and game cash. Awesome ADMIN and STAFF who are always around and willing to help if any issues arise. Plus the staff comes up with games within the game with more ways to earn points or game cash. Don't be shy.. c'mon and join us! ID: 2000
True Awesomeness.!
Inked Mafia is a great game and has set the bar for gaming. There are so many things to do and get your levels and points. Also they have a radio station linked so you can listen while getting your kill spree or crime run on. Come check it out and tell them Stella sent ya. ID 3290 Stella
Inked Mafia is by far the best mafia game I’ve ever played. It has a good friendly environment and is fun to play. I never run out of things to do!! Tell them Lysander ID:3304 sent you in the referral box! See you soon!
Really fun game to play every day. I do missions and special ops to earn points and cash. I do crimes to make some cash and fight to win with other players in Warzone! Back alley is a good place for experience and money too. Go kill your rivals and climb that ladder to success! I love to compete and these crazy players keep me on my toes! Come play with me. Tell them Shiloh sent you, ID 4 in that referral box! I look forward to playing with you!!

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