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Bleach - Souls of time

Bleach - Souls of time:


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Become a Shinigami, Quincy or Hollow and fight your way to the top! On the Shinigami side you will fight the Hollows and Quincies using your Zanpakuto, swords used by spiritual beings and the good side of the two races. As A Hollow you will war against the Shinigami and Quincy on the darker side of things, monster-like who devour anything and everything in its path. Learn unique abilities, complete a variety of tasks, travel the world, and unleash your true potential! Now is your time to choose what fate your soul belongs to and lead the others in your own exciting adventure in becoming the strongest of your kind. As a Quincy you will fight for power of this unique and rare race and try to prevail the world.


rpg bleach

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