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Launch Date:2017

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About this game

In a country where having the best rig could mean living for another day, you fight to survive. Band up with others in off road gangs to protect yourself, hoard money, and get the best place to work on your rig. Its going to take everything you've got if your going to make it in 4x4 country.

4x4 Country is the original text based, browser based 4x4 MMORPG. Created for the 4x4 enthusiast by 4x4 enthusiasts. This FREE game will take you into a world of crime and war, but also into a world of rig challenges and trail running. It combines the best parts of a role playing game with 4x4 fun by Offering the ability to build up a character as well as a rig. The ultimate RPG for off-roaders and mudders, you won't find another like it. Register today to start enjoying the fun.

4x4 Country is a game that also encourages a great community of players offering many things to build and create this community within the game. 4x4 Country has an amazing Forum System that is very active with players posting in categories from Chat to Suggestions and Marketplace to Help. Also, there is a great chatroom fully integrated into the game as well as a newspaper for players to post what is on their mind or to announce items for sale. All of this has helped build a community of players who have a lot of fun, as well as allow those who are enemies express themselves.

4x4 Country is the first MMORPG of its kind, and the game that all other's try to imitate.



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